The Shaving Tips

Important Tips on Shaving


Shaving is a common method used for hair removal using a razor.  Hair sprouts in several places after puberty and it becomes a necessity for both men and women to shave.  There are two types of razors, one is electric and the other is non-electric, which is also known as a traditional razor.  It is very important to practice safe and hygienic shaving to avoid infections and razor bumps.  Below are tips on shaving.


For traditional shaving, choose the kind of razor you want to use. There are many options to choose from.  You can either use Braun Series 7 razors that are disposable after a few times of use.  They are usually cheap and become blunts after a few uses.  There is also another type of disposable razors which have multi blades.  These are more efficient and usually lasts longer than the one-blade razor.  Another type of traditional shaving razors are the ones that you do not dispose of the handle.  You only change the blades when it becomes necessary.


For traditional shaving, Shaving Gel for Sensitive Skin is normally required along with some water.  This facilitates an easy and faster shaving.  However, you have to be careful because the sharp blades may leave nicks and cuts.  In the event that you start bleeding from the cuts, use a styptic pencil which helps to stop the bleeding.


For electric shaving, they are usually rechargeable from a power source or use a battery.  For hair trimming, an electric razor is the best to use.  However, it is not possible to get a close shave as with the traditional one.  However, an electric razor will not cause cuts.  It is important to note that with an electric razor, you only shave on a completely dry skin.  You should never use a shaving gel or water with it.


It is always important to observe hygiene when shaving.  Ensure that you clean the shaving area first with soap and warm water before shaving.  This will reduce the chances of infection in the event that you get a cut. Additionally, warm water helps to open and soften your hair follicles which facilitates a nice shave.


It is also advisable to shave with the grain to avoid razor bumps and ingrown hairs.  This means that you shave going downward and not the opposite direction.  Though it doesn't have to be done always, it helps a great deal.  After you are done with shaving, always use an aftershave.  This will help to hydrate the skin and calm it down.  Be keen to buy an aftershave that does not contain alcohol to avoid skin irritation.

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