The Shaving Tips

How to Shave Most Efficiently


While shaving may be a smooth and easy process for some, other people have a rough time since they complain of cuts, nicks or even razor burns when shaving. This is an indication of overly sensitive skin. Sensitivity could include various categories.  First, some skins may have reactions, including skin bumps, skin erosions, pimples as well as rashes after a shave or applying a shaving cream. Next, there is overly dry skin that mainly suffers redness, flaking as well as itchiness. Also, there is eczema, which we can term as a highly advanced condition of skin dryness. The reactions and pain after or during a shave can be extreme.


To effectively shave a sensitive skin, you can apply various useful tips. First, identify a dermatologist who you can consult with. This will enable you to know and understand your skin type and level of sensitivity. Besides, to reduce and eliminate irritation, ensure you prepare the skin effectively before you begin shaving.  Softening the hair using a facial scrub is crucial. Besides, hydrate the skin with the help of warm water to make the hair even softer for an easy shave.

More importantly, use the correct tools. Ensure the best and most effective Shaving Gel for Sensitive Skin. You can ask your dermatologist to suggest one. Besides, you can search the best gels and razors online. In this case, go with the reviews and customer feedback.  An example of a highly rated shaver is the Braun Series 7 which ensures that your shave is not only thorough but also comfortable for your sensitive skin.  Also, consider single bladed razor blades that reduce the chances of those razor bumps. Therefore, check carefully the single blade razor reviews while making your selection. Remember that single blade razors are effective for shaving places such as under the nose. 


In addition, check the condition of the blades. Notably, blunt ones may result in nicks and irritation on the skin. To avoid tugging and discomforts, change the blade.  It is crucial to apply the right shaving technique. Always start the shave with the grain (in the hair growth direction). Also, it is essential to allow the gel to soak before you start your shave.  This ensures that the hair is soft enough and that the skin is ready. Always ensure to rinse the blade well and frequently during the shave to ensure you avoid buildup on the edges and cartridge. After the shave, protect the skin using the best gel for sensitive skin.

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